What is Green Coffee? And Why Is It Better Than Regular Coffee?

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Healthier yet delicious options in the food industry have caused a 180-degree shift towards nutritious choices. And it is not just true in the case of food but also in beverages. Have you noticed a sudden rise in the popularity of green coffee? There has been a spike in interest of the common man towards green coffee. What is all this new-found excitement about it? Well. That is what we are here to divulge to you. Green coffee became popular in 2012 when it was projected as a weight-management cure or tool on the Dr. Oz show.

What is Green Coffee

What is Green Coffee?

For those unfamiliar or unacquainted with the term ‘green coffee,’ it is best to visit the roots and start from scratch. The green coffee bean is similar to regular coffee beans, except that they are green in colour. This is because they aren’t roasted like regular coffee beans and are untreated. These beans are left completely raw. That is why they have a tinge of green. Studies have shown that the chemical profile of green coffee beans and regular coffee beans is skewed (poles apart), even though the origins of both beans are the same.

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Also, numerous green coffee bean benefits have made it a popular choice. It doesn’t taste like the usual coffee we are used to. Since they are unprocessed and untreated, the flavour of the drink made with green coffee is far milder and has a green hue. People can associate green coffee’s flavour with herbal tea compared to regular coffee. Generally, green coffee extract is used as a dietary supplement. However, green coffee can also be consumed as a delicious beverage.

Growing Preference For Green Coffee Over Regular Coffee

Green Coffee Better Than Regular Coffee

One cannot help but notice the tilt in the scale towards green coffee over regular coffee in recent times. It was a gradual process, but not it has become more prominent than ever. So what has led to this shift in preferences, and what has coerced people to opt for green coffee over regular coffee? Well, more and more people are researching the food and beverages they are consuming, and thanks to research, people are finding out more about their favourite drinks like coffee. Studies have shown that green coffee is substantially richer when it comes to nutrients and minerals that help nourish the body and keep it healthy. Also, since green coffee is a more natural product than black coffee, people are opting for it more.

Why Is It Better Than Regular Coffee?

First and foremost – many essential nutrients lost in regular coffee beans are successfully retained in green coffee beans. In addition, since they are not toasted or processed before consumption, green coffee beans contain higher antioxidants, active compounds and other essential nutrients.

Drinking coffee is to get a head start in the morning with a kick of caffeine. However, studies have shown that untreated and unroasted coffee beans (basically green coffee) contain a higher concentration of caffeine, which is more effective than regular coffee beans and a healthier form of caffeine.

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Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid. Most people are not acquainted with the term because black coffee doesn’t contain chlorogenic acid. However, chlorogenic acid helps regulate blood pressure and contains essential nutrients and minerals that can help boost the longevity of life by keeping your body healthy. Green coffee is far more effective in regulating body weight when compared to black coffee or regular coffee, and this is also because of the presence of chlorogenic acid.

A study whose results clearly showed that Green Coffee acts as a more efficient metabolic accelerator when compared with black coffee. Green coffee is healthier for your liver, kidney and heart.

Also, green coffee helps flush out toxins from our bodies much faster and much more efficiently, thus detoxifying our bodies more effectively. You can try different variants from brands like TGL Coffee to have a sip of the goodness of natural coffee beans and 100% high-quality ingredients.


The above information should suffice in educating people about green coffee and its various characteristics.

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