5 Reasons To Replace Sugar In Your Tea With Jaggery

August 27, 2022 0 Comments

Tea is not just a beverage, especially for Indians, but a potion that instantly renders a gush of freshness. It is one thing to enjoy a cup of tea and quite another to depreciate your health. Are you aware that having excess tea in a day can deteriorate your healthy lifestyle? Adding sugar to your cup of tea harms your body far more severely than you can imagine.

Studies have shown that consuming tea with sugar and milk may increase the chances of obesity, heart disease, and irregularities in blood sugar levels. It is damaging to the health of both children and adults and is a practice or a habit that must be gotten rid of.


How Is Jaggery a Better Alternative To Sugar In Your Tea?

People who are a little enthusiastic about health products are generally more aware of what is good for health and what is not already known that sugar with tea is a bad choice. Substituting sugar with jaggery, on the other hand, is a brilliant way of sealing in the flavour and taste of sugar, minus the consequences. Those aware of jaggery benefits always resort to the same when it comes to enjoying an aromatic and sweet cup of tea. Here are 5 reasons why you should substitute sugar for jaggery for your daily cups of tea immediately:

1. Iron Content

Jaggery is a rich source of iron, and our body needs plenty of iron regularly to carry out bodily functions and to keep our immune system healthy. Iron is also a crucial component of haemoglobin that allows the transportation of oxygen throughout the body with the help of red blood cells. Also, there are not a lot of foods that can nourish the body with the adequate iron and essential mineral requirements which are needed for the body to perform optimally. However, jaggery is an item that provides the body with more than just enough iron and essential minerals. Therefore, people who suffer from anaemia can benefit, especially from consuming jaggery with tea, regularly. That is why substituting sugar for jaggery when consuming tea is good for your health.

2. A Good Remedy For Cold And Cough

Studies have shown that consuming jaggery when under the weather can make you feel better. Jaggery is warm, all-natural, and works wonders in treating common colds and coughs. It has been used for treating the common cold for many years now. Also, it neutralizes allergic reactions and reduces their intensity of the same. In short, jaggery is considered one of the best and most effective cures for the common cold and cough and also boosts the human immune system. Since it doesn’t have any side effects (it is 100% natural), when sick, you can consume it with tea each day to help cure yourself faster. Also, consuming it on the regular will keep such ailments at bay.

3. Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Not many people knows about jaggery nutritional value and the fact that there is rarely any richer source of antioxidants than jaggery. Our body develops a lot of toxins each day that is detrimental to our health, and consuming sugar daily with tea only acts as a catalyst. Therefore, substituting sugar with jaggery is a good idea because it can help flush out the toxins while retaining the natural sweetness that your taste buds desire. Also, since it is rich in antioxidants, jaggery, when consumed regularly with tea, can help boost the immunity system and strengthen the bones and the joints of the body. Another benefit of consuming jaggery with tea instead of sugar is that it reduces or prevents free-radical damage in the human body.

4. Cleansing Agent

When toxins are not flushed out of the body, they adversely affect the body internally, and the effects start to show outside as well. The skin, for example, is a clear marker for toxin levels in the body. Jaggery is an effective cleanser that rids the body of toxins and cleanses from within. This means that consuming jaggery with tea instead of sugar regularly will regulate the toxin level in your body and help flush them out so that you are healthy both on the inside and the outside. It also helps keep your skin fresh and radiant. In short, consuming jaggery with tea instead of sugar can boost your health and overall body functioning to a great extent. Also, it prevents all air-pollution-related toxicity which keeps your body healthier for longer.

5. Aids Weight loss

If you are trying to cut down weight and want to do it without breaking a sweat, then you need to watch what you eat, which means even monitoring the cup of tea you have early in the morning. Adding sugar to your everyday cup of tea is unhealthy. Adding jaggery instead works wonders for you. It can help you get the sweetness (which is all-natural) but doesn’t affect your body. Instead, it increases the metabolism rate, which, in turn, improves digestion (makes the process faster and better). This means jaggery helps regulate body weight. Also, unlike sugar, it doesn’t give you sweet cravings, which are responsible for rapid weight gaining.

These are the 5 most prominent reasons that establish why people should always choose to add jaggery to their cup of tea rather than sugar. However, living a long life starts with your daily cup of tea, so make a wise choice for yourself.

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