7 Popular Indian Drinks To Try in Summer

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Indian food is popular all over the world for its distinct and flavorful taste. With a wide variety of flavors, traditions, and styles, our country has many unique and palatable dishes to offer. It is the same case with Indian beverages. There are so many flavorsome and refreshing drinks found in different parts of the country that you will be amazed! These beverages are not only great in taste but also have health benefits. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let’s have a look at the top 7 Indian drinks name that are healthy, yummy, and refreshing!

Indian Drinks

7 Best Indian Drinks Name List

1. Buttermilk or Chaach

Buttermilk Indian Drinks List

Buttermilk is a popular Indian cool drink, especially in summers. It is made with slightly sour milk or curd with added spices. The drink is mostly served chilled, and it gives you a refreshing feeling. You can consume it at any time, but most people prefer to have it with their lunch. Buttermilk helps lower one’s cholesterol levels and maintain blood sugar levels.

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2. Masala Chai

Masala Chai

There is no India without its tea. Tea is not a beverage but a feeling in this country! There’s nothing better than having a hot cup of tea after a long and tiring day. Masala Chai is a popular beverage among Indians, and it is filled with flavors. As the name suggests, the chai has masala or added spices that make it tastier than regular tea. You can buy tea online and make yourself a hot cup of kadak masala chai.
Masala chai contains antioxidants and reduces inflammation. The spices put in it may also help in building immunity and aids in digestion.

3. Shikanji

Shikanji Indian Beverages

The drink is also called nimbu pani and is one of the most refreshing drinks that one can have! It is made with sugar, lemon, and water. The drink is cheap, easy to make, and has a great tangy taste. It is best served chilled and can be consumed at any day. Shikanji is a good source of Vitamin C and keeps you hydrated all day long! It acts as a natural coolant and maintains the body temperature on hot days.

4. Solkadi

Solkadi Indian Drinks Name

Another in list of Indian drinks is Solkadi, it is creamy, tasty, and has a freshness about it! Solkadi is a popular Indian drink in the coastal region of India. States like Maharashtra, Goa, and the Konkan region serve this as their local drink. It is made from coconut and kokum- two distinct and beautiful flavors. This pink-colored drink is a must-try for everyone! The drink is a powerful antidote to acidity and promotes weight loss by curbing one’s appetite.

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5. Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera
Image Courtesy : lybrate.com

Jal Jeera is another refreshing drink made out of simple ingredients. The drink is served chilled and is enjoyed by thousands of Indians, especially on a hot summer afternoon. It is also a popular welcome drink in Indian households. It consists of cumin, ginger, pepper, salt, mint, and lemon. The drink also aids in digestion and has excellent antibacterial properties.

6. Lassi

Lassi Popular Indian Drinks

Lassi is one of the best in list of Indian drinks, it is a yogurt-based drink that initially originated from Punjab. It is a sweet drink that has a cooling effect. Lassi is made using a traditional way of churning yogurt. It can be made in different flavors like- mango, strawberry, and rose Lassi. The beverage is easy to make, and it can keep you filled for a long time. It is rich in calcium and probiotics that keep the bones healthy and help digestion due to its cooling properties.

7. Aam Panna

Aam Panna

Aam Panna is synonymous with summers in India. As soon as the summer season comes, people start making drinks at home. It has a tangy and sour taste that entices your taste buds and leaves you wanting more! The beverage is made from unripe mangoes, mint, coriander leaves, salt, chilies, and jeera powder. The drink maintains the body temperature and protects people from sun strokes in summer.

These are the top 7 Indian drinks name that the whole of India enjoys. They are flavorsome and healthy, but they are also super easy to make! The next time you want to try refreshing and healthy beverages, give these drinks a try! The best part is that a person of every age group will love these Indian beverages. So get started with a healthy lifestyle and drink beverages that keep you and your tummy happy!


1. What are best cold beverages for summer season?

Best summer season Indian cool drinks are lemon shikanji, buttermilk, panna.

2. What is the national beverage of India?

Tea national drink of India

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