Health Meets Taste – Mediterranean Diet With A Caribbean Twist

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Getting accustomed to a healthy life means you have to adjust to the diet first. The healthier your diet the better you can function and the more adjustment you will be able to make to your lifestyle. If the food you eat is not something you enjoy, there is a high chance that you will eventually feel tired even when you start some exercise or any intense training. One of the most loved diets so far is the Mediterranean diet and there is no doubt that it is effective and helps in boosting your overall body health. The Mediterranean diet is backed by research and it is known o not only reduce body weight but also help you get in shape and improve your heart health, if you have high cholesterol or your blood sugar is not under control, the Mediterranean diet is also good for that.

Mediterranean Diet

One of the biggest issues that you will face while following a Mediterranean diet is that although the ingredients are very healthy the combination of using these ingredients will become limited after some months. Most people who start the Mediterranean diet and they are not culturally accustomed to Mediterranean food find it hard to adjust.

You will see relapses happening and in some ways, food is all about flavor and if you are not ready to experiment with food it will only start to get boring. Even if you look at your favorite food like pizza or burger and you are asked to eat it every day, you will not be able to eat it after a few days. To make sure you stay on your healthy Mediterranean diet without feeling that it is taking a toll on your body or testing your taste buds, you can take some help from different flavors from around the world.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at the traditional Mediterranean diet ingredients and how you can make some tasty combinations with them. We will also look at some ways you can add Caribbean flavors to your healthy Mediterranean diet.

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A Quick Guide to Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Guide

The famous Mediterranean Diet is known to have all the healthy ingredients that you will find people enjoying in the Mediterranean. Some of the main food items that you should and should not include are listed here:

You need to add olive oil to all your meals, you need to only stick non-starchy vegetables with 6 daily servings. The fruits must be added to your diet for up to 3 servings. You also need to add whole grains and items such as bread and cereals. A dairy is an option but most people like to add dairy as well. You can also use legumes and fish in different styles. Most people mix all these things to make a good healthy salad.

However, there are also a few items that should be consumed in limited amounts. Some of these items include the typical eggs and poultry items. You also need to limit the sweets/ if you like drinking juices or soda you need to limit that as well. Also, ice cream and table sugar must be avoided. Defined and processed food like bread and pasta must also be avoided. You also need to limit red meat and wine consumption.

With all these limitations you might be thinking that there is no way to adjust the diet however, most of the healthy diets in the Caribbean have a lot of scopes. You will easily find some fun ingredients that you can mix to make good and power-packed salads. These salads will help you stay energized throughout the day and yet you will feel full.

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A Fun Way To Add A Caribbean Twist To Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

If you look at the list of the food items to be added, you will notice that some food items are essential but fall into the board category. You can pick so many different food items, especially fruit and vegetable combination as long as they are non-starchy. Moreover, the salad dressing should not stay just olive because you can add olives to the salad but add fresh avocado guacamole to the salad dressing. Here are some easy Mediterranean Diet recipes that you can try:

  • For the breakfast try an avocado egg whole grain bread sandwich. This ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the combination of the Mediterranean Diet and Caribbean flavors.
  • Pelau is a traditional Caribbean rice dish with a lot of flavorful caramelized meat. You can make it half Pelau and then add some fun vegetable flavors with some herbs. Make sure that you remove the starchy water from the rice before you add it to the cooking broth of the Pelau.
  • Another fun dish is the grilled fish where you can make glazed grilled fish with some olive oil, then use avocado and humus as your dressing. You can also add some vegetables and salad leaves on the side for some contrasting flavors.
  • Another fun flavorful diet is the traditional mango salsa. This can be a very good fun summer salad that you can add to your diet.
    Mediterranean Diet Egg Recipe

    Bottom Line

    To sum it all up, following Mediterranean Diet is not that hard if you understand the actual essence of the diet. You will eventually understand that most of the healthy ingredients within the Mediterranean Diet are easily replaceable by using other ingredients within the Mediterranean Diet. From salad dressings to food combinations almost all the things that you can find can easily be adjusted. Even the famous avocado toast comes under the category of the Mediterranean Diet if you look at the ingredients. With the help of all the simple food tips, you will surely be able to enjoy the food much more than any other food combination.

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