4 Healthy Muesli Recipes Which You Can Have Anytime Of The Day

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When we think of a healthy breakfast, we think of muesli. Muesli has been a popular breakfast choice for some time, but it’s time to shake things a bit. What if we told you that you could create exciting muesli recipes and have them anytime you like? Yes, you read that right. A great dish with muesli can be prepared in no time, and you’ll be amazed at how fresh, new and tasty it is! Are you ready to cook and try something you’ve never done before? We bet you are! Let’s jump into these five delicious healthy muesli recipes that are not just for breakfast. You can have these recipes anytime you like, and to save you some effort, we suggest what’s best for which time!

4 Best Healthy Muesli Recipes

1. Muesli Bar Recipe For A Mid-Noon Snack Craving

Muesli Bar Recipe

There’s always a time post breakfast and pre-lunch when a craving hits us. Of course, you wouldn’t want to have something heavy since lunchtime is around the corner, so what’s something light, tasty and healthy at the same time? A nutritious muesli snack bar! The best part is that you can prepare it at home quickly, have a look:

  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
  • Mix two handfuls of muesli, condensed milk, and chocolate syrup.
  • Mix all the ingredients well, and then pour the mixture into a baking box.
  • Bake it for about 20-25 minutes and remove it once the top turns golden brown.
  • Now that it is baked let it cool for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Finally, cut into bars and enjoy!

Was that not simple and quick? This is one of the best muesli recipes. Make it, have it and store it for every time you’re craving something yum.

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2. Muesli Cupcake For Evening Tea Time

Muesli Cupcake
Image Courtesy: Cutoutandkeep.net

Whether you are a tea or a coffee person, evenings demand a great snack with your favourite beverage. It refreshes you and relaxes your mind. A muesli cupcake is a perfect snack for evenings like these. It’s nutritious, tasty, and easy to make. To prepare:

  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees for 10 minutes.
  • Add 1/4 cup oats flour, 1 cup ragi flour, 1 cup muesli, and baking powder. Mix all the dry ingredients!
  • Now add milk according and get a perfect batter consistency. It should not be runny.
  • Get a baking tray, grease the moulds, and then pour the batter into the moulds.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes, then remove it from the oven.
  • Let the cupcakes cool down, and drizzle some honey on top before serving.

You can also serve these cupcakes with fresh fruits, cream, or greek yogurt if you feel too snacky. It’s a delight to eat, and we are sure you will love this recipe. Children and elders love cupcakes; when the cupcake is healthy and nutritious, it’s like icing on the cake.

3. Muesli Pancake Recipe For Every Time

Muesli Pancake Recipe
Image Courtesy: Thegardeningfoodie.com

Sometimes, deciding what to cook is a bit of a challenging task. Many times you don’t feel like cooking, or you’re too confused to reach a decision. For those times, here’s a Muesli pancake recipe that is super easy to prepare and tastes delicious.

  • Add muesli, wheat flour, oatmeal, salt, curd, honey, and baking powder to a large bowl and mix well.
  • Now add some choco chips or chopped prunes.
  • Take a Nonstick pan and pour one scoop of pancake batter.
  • Cook each side for about 2 minutes until they are light brown.
  • Put the pancakes on a plate and drizzle some maple syrup on top!

You can get creative here and serve it in any way you want. You can do it with fruits, and yogurt, chop some almonds, add a crunch, or eat it as it is. It’s going to taste incredible, anyhow.

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4. Muesli Chocolate Parfait Recipe A Late Night Dreamy Dessert

Muesli Chocolate Parfait
Image Courtesy: True-elements.com

Late-night desserts feel like the best thing that happened to us! People often resort to guilty eating and indulging in decadent late-night desserts because they can’t find something healthy. Well, here’s a Muesli Chocolate Parfait recipe that will treat your taste buds without adding too many extra empty calories. Here’s how to make it:

  • Slice 4-5 strawberries in a bowl. Add blueberries and raspberries (any berry you like) to the same bowl.
  • Take a parfait glass or any small glass that you have.
  • Layer the fruit and berries, greek yogurt, and then layer dark chocolate muesli on top of it.
  • Refrigerate the glass for about 5-10 minutes, and voila! Your late-night wholesome dessert is ready.

This creamy and crunchy late-night dessert will fulfil your craving and get you to sleep in a good mood.

Above are healthy recipes that use muesli as a primary ingredient for making dishes other than breakfast. Muesli is a versatile ingredient and is not used to its full potential. Try these amazing healthy muesli recipes at home and recommend them to your friends and family. Eat healthy, and tasty, and be fit.

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