Pre And Post Workout Meal: What To Eat Before And After Workout?

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There is always confusion regarding what to eat and what not to eat, especially after a workout! Many people are always looking for a good meal that seals the deal for them. A meal that is healthy and that does not ruin the workout session. To get the most out of your workout, you must eat the right Pre and Post workout meals. It is also essential to feel energized and ready for the day.

Pre and Post Workout Meals

When you have the right food options and ideas on what to eat before and after workout, you will be comfortable because half of your task is done! Then, you just need to get on your foot and prepare yourself a healthy and tasty meal according to your routine! Below are several ideas of what to eat when specially curated for you:

6 Best Pre Workout Meal

1. Boiled Eggs and Avocado Toast

Boiled egg and avocado toast

An Avocado Toast is everyone’s favorite! Now think of adding a boiled egg to your favorite avocado toast. Yes, it doubles the taste and energy, and it gets you ready to hit the gym.

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2. Peanut Butter, Banana, and Chia Seed Toast

Peanut butter banana toast

Peanut butter and banana is one of the best pre workout meal and have always been a hit combination, and they taste like heaven together! Before your workout session:

  • Take a whole grain of bread.
  • Spread some peanut butter and banana slices.
  • Top it with chia seeds for extra crunch and nutrition.
  • So quick and so yummy.

3. Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Pre Workout Meal

Smoothie bowls are a rage nowadays! Blend a smoothie with any berries, bananas, carrots, apple (with literally any fruit you like) and top it with some seeds, nuts, and fruits. It will look as delicious as it sounds, trust us!

4. Omelet With Veggies

Omelet Before workout meal

Another best Pre workout food for muscle gain Omelets, it can never fail you. So add veggies, cheese, and some herbs to your omelet and make it with your twist before hitting the gym.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal good food for healthy skin

Oatmeal can boost your energy levels and your immunity. It is a popular choice for an early morning breakfast and best before workout meal. It is rich in fiber and protein, providing you with the energy you want before starting your workout.

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6. Mocha Protein Shake

Mocha Protein Shake

Gone are the days of boring protein shakes! Instead, add some coffee and choco chips to your protein shake and watch it turn brown and yummy!

6 Best Post Workout Meal

1. Spinach and Egg White Omelet

Spinach egg white omelet

Spinach has high antioxidants and nutrients, while the egg white is rich in protein. What a combo! Make an omelet out of the two after your workout and give your body the energy it needs!

2. Nut Butter Roll

Nut Butter Roll Post Workout Meal

Okay, so take a whole-wheat wrap, spread some nut butter, and throw in some bananas (add cinnamon if you wish). What’s that? A delicious and wholesome Nut Butter Roll that’s perfect to have after a sweat session.

3. Black Bean Salsa Mix

Black Beans Salsa Mix

This one is our favorite post workout meal! Put cooked black beans mixed with stir-fried veggies and salsa sauce in a bowl; it’s that easy! You can also add some nachos if you want to get fancy here.

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4. Protein Pancakes

Pancakes After Workout Meal

Not a fan of chugging down a protein shake post-workout? Try this. Add your favorite protein powder to a pancake mix and cook the pancakes. Drizzle it with some nuts and honey, and you have made yourself an excellent meal!

5. Hummus and Pita Bread

Hummus and Pita Bread

You can keep it simple with Hummus and Pita bread. Just make sure that there is no added sugar plus the hummus has low-fat content, and you’re good to go.

6. Egg and Vegetable Sandwich

Egg and Vegetable Sandwich

Best after workout meal, all we want to have is a juicy, tasty, and healthy sandwich. So for us, this egg and veggie sandwich is a winner. It’s easy to make, eat on the go, and tasty!

The diet becomes an important part when we talk about fitness and workout. It’s a no-brainer that effective results can only be seen when you eat right. Try these Pre And Post workout meals ideas, and you will not be disappointed!


1. How long should I eat after workout?

After exercising, it is ideal to eat within 15 to 30 minutes, if this is not possible, then definitely eat within 60 minutes.

2. What is good pre workout food?

There are great pre workout food ideas but there are some quite healthy and tasty foods like fruit smoothies, bananas, oats, peanut butter with banana, yogurt, and more.

3. What is good post workout food?

Yogurt with fruit, peanut butter toast, chicken salad, protein pancakes, etc, are the tasty and healthy after workout meal.

4. Do pre and post workout meals matter?

As new research tells, pre and post workout meals can provide positive effects.

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